Razing Regice: A Raid Guide

Source:Bulbapedia The Regis, namely Regice, Regirock and Registeel are largely mediocre. On its own Regice is pretty terrible. Its a defensive tank like its compatriots but unlike them,Regice was actually decent as an Ice type. As a pure Ice attacker it ranked third, behind only Jynx and Articuno. You could have made a case to … Continue reading Razing Regice: A Raid Guide

Regis Are Now Part Of Research Rewards!

So I'm scrolling through my feed on Facebook and I see a graphic made by Leek Duck, a prominent Pokemon Go player who also makes his own graphics and reports on Pokemon Go. In that graphic, he shows the possible rewards for the 7th Day Research Tasks for March and April. Its not too different … Continue reading Regis Are Now Part Of Research Rewards!