Cobalion : A Raid Guide



There will come a day when a Steel type manages to unseat Meteor Mash Metagross as the best Steel type in the game. Cobalion is not that Steel type. It’s the first of the Generation 5 legendaries to enter the game. Cobalion is also the first member of the Swords of Justice to appear, a quartet of legendary Pokemon consisting of itself, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo.

Cobalion’s best stat is its defence, clocking in at 229. Unfortunately its attack is a measly 192 although a 209 stamina stat redeems it slightly with a maximum CP of 3022. That wouldn’t have been a problem in the main series where a strong defensive tank like Cobalion could utilize status moves but Pokemon Go raid battles rely more on attack than defence. Cobalion isn’t going to get a lot done with its low attack. It’ll be worth collecting and that’ll be the extent of its usefulness.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Dragon Fighting Fairy
Grass Ground Ghost
Ice Fire Electric
Normal Water
Poison Psychic
Rock Flying

Steel/Fighting grants Cobalion a host of useful resistances,granting it very few weaknesses. Steel cancels out Fighting’s weakness to Fairy,Psychic and Flying. That leaves Steel’s weakness to Ground,Fighting and Fire. None of which are cancelled out by Fighting so thankfully these will be the move types you should focus on.


Fast Move Type Power
Metal Claw Steel 8
Zen Headbutt Psychic 12

Metal Claw with STAB beats Zen Headbutt fairly easily and it should not pose too much of problem to most of the Pokemon you will be using. Zen Headbutt will hurt your Fighting types more than usual so be careful.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Close Combat Fighting 100 1
Iron Head Steel 60 2
Stone Edge Rock 120 1

Unsurprisingly, Stone Edge is the worst move here but the rest aren’t what you would call good. What Close Combat and Iron Head have that Stone Edge doesn’t is STAB.

Assembling The Team

Fightig,Fire,Ground. 3 types Cobalion is weak to and fortunately you have plenty of strong Pokémon from those types to use against Cobalion. Just be careful of Cobalions using Stone Edge,it could very easily decimate your Fire types.




The new Ghost/Fire type of Generation 5 has some solid resistances against Cobalion.Fire resists Steel and Ghost hard resists Fighting. Just be careful of Stone Edge it’ll beat down a Chandelure that’s not the bulkiest of Pokemon to begin with. For moves go with Fire Spin and Overheat.




Machamp may not be the Pokemon it used to be but it’s still a powerhouse attacker and against Cobalion it fares the best out of all the current Fighting types in the game. You won’t have as many resistances as Chandelure, just the resistance to Rock but you’ll do some solid damage without taking too much damage. You can use any Fighting move but the best moveset is Counter and Dynamic Punch.




Entei was never top as a fire type legendary, that honour at the time of writing goes to Moltres. However against Cobalion, Entei doesn’t have to worry as much as Moltres when it comes to Stone Edge. A double weakness to Rock means Moltres could be out in just one hit. Entei’s single weakness and greater bulk allows for it to at least be able to take 1-2 hits of Stone Edge. For moves go with Fire Spin and Overheat.

Honorable Mention



Moltres is top dog or rather, top bird until Reshiram’s release to unseat it as the top fire type in the game. Until then, you’ll have to make do with other Pokemon like Moltres. Against Cobalion its Fire/Flying weakness leaves a huge double weakness to Rock and hence Stone Edge poses a real problem to Moltres.

If Cobalion isn’t using Stone Edge then you’ll have a great time. Close Combat and Iron Head are both resisted by Moltres, ensuring you’ll spend more time fighting. For movesets, go with Fire Spin and Overheat.


Cobalion is a strictly trophy legendary. The rest of the trio, and Keldeo ought to be better than Cobalion in Pokemon Go so keep an eye for them. In the meantime, catch as many Cobalion as you want and when it leaves, wait for Niantic to come back with its shiny version like every other legendary.