Reshiram: A Raid Guide



Moltres had a good run as the best Fire type legendary for a long time since its introduction in 2017. It survived 4 generations as the best but Generation 5 sees Moltres relinquish its flaming crown to Reshiram, an awesome Dragon/Fire legendary that everyone should have as many as they can get their hands on.

Like Zekrom, it has a maximum CP of 4038.It has the same stats as Zekrom too, 275 in attack, 211 in defence and 205 in stamina. It’s Dragon/Fire typing gives it some neat resistances with the standard weaknesses you’d expect from both typings.


Resists Weak To Normal Damage
Electric Ground Ice
Fire Dragon Normal
Grass Rock Poison
Steel Ghost

Dragon/Fire is one of the better typings in the game. Fire cancels out Dragon’s weakness to Ice and Fairy while Dragon removes Fire’s weakness to water so this is a very beneficial pairing for both types. With that in mind, you’ll want to focus on using Pokemon that know Ground, Dragon or Rock moves to really hurt it in a raid battle.


Fast Move Type Power
Dragon Breath Dragon 6
Fire Fang Fire 11

Dragon Breath will always pose a threat if you’re using a Dragon type and with only 2 types that resist it, Dragon Breath will do quite a bit of damage to your Pokemon. Fire Fang is potentially dangerous if you’re using an Ice type or Steel type.

Charge Move Type Power Bars
Crunch Dark 70 3
Draco Meteor Dragon 150 1
Overheat Fire 140 1
Stone Edge Rock 100 1

Crunch and Stone Edge are pretty good moves but not on Reshiram who should be using moves that grant it STAB. Draco Meteor is not the best Dragon move but it’ll hurt when Reshiram eventually fires it off because of that 150 power. Likewise Overheat is going to leave a mark. Both of these moves should be with the fast move of the matching type.

Assembling The Team

Ground, Rock and Dragon are your best shots at taking down Reshiram. Rock and Dragon resist actually Reshiram’s Fire moves so if they’re doing a lot of super effective STAB damage, they’ll also have the bulk to last longer.




It’s rather fitting that Palkia, a Dragon/Water type handles Reshiram the best if Reshiram is using dual Fire moves. It’s double resistance to Fire will help greatly blunt Reshiram. For Palkia’s moves, use Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor to do the most damage.




Another great counter to an Overheat using Reshiram is Reshiram itself! Such is the nature of Dragons that we often find ourselves using them to counter themselves. With a double resistance to Fire like Palkia, Reshiram can endure many Overheats while wearing down its opponent with the moveset of Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor. You just need to be careful of moves like Draco Meteor or Stone Edge, they’ll clear




It’s not what it used to be due to the addition of some heavy hitters like Garchomp and will experience a slight decline as more and powerful Dragon types enter the game but Rayquaza for those who still have a high CP version of it is still a heavy hitter that’ll come in handy for most fights. In the case of Reshiram, use the moveset of Dragon Tail and Outrage.

Honorable Mention



Generation 4’s best Rock type and it also resists Reshiram’s Fire move to go along with its hard hitting Rock moves. If you don’t have or want to use a Dragon type to take down Reshiram then consider using Rampardos as its an amazing Pokemon to use. For moves you ought to use.


I think Reshiram is going to be a must have, be it as a Fire or Dragon type. Do your best to get as many as you can. I do expect it to be as tough as taking on Kyogre or Groudon in terms of it’s CP as a raid boss but that’s nothing a large raid group cannot handle.

2 thoughts on “Reshiram: A Raid Guide

  1. Thanks for your tips. Will definitely try to apply some of them (can’t remember all😁)!


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