Predicting The Remaining Community Day Pokemon For 2019

Another Community Day come and gone, and we’re all eagerly anticipating the next one. If we’re following the trend Niantic has set since Community Day was introduced in 2018, we see a clear pattern emerge. Below you’ll see the list of Pokemon who have had a Community Day along with the type of the Pokemon.

  1. January 2018: Pikachu (Electric)
  2. February 2018: Dratini (Dragon)
  3. March 2018: Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison)
  4. April 2018: Mareep (Electric)
  5. May 2018: Charmander (Fire)
  6. June 2018: Larvitar (Rock/Ground)
  7. July 2018: Squirtle (Water)
  8. August 2018: Eevee (Normal)
  9. September 2018: Chikorita (Grass)
  10. October 2018: Beldum (Steel)
  11. November 2018 : Cyndaquil (Fire)
  12. December 2018 : Community Recap (Pokemon from first 11 months)
  13. January 2019: Totodile (Water)
  14. February 2019: Swinub (Ground/Ice)
  15. March 2019: Treecko (Grass)
  16. April 2019: Bagon (Dragon)
  17. May 2019: Torchic (Fire)
  18. June 2019: Slakoth (Normal)
  19. July 2019: Mudkip (Water)
  20. August 2019: Ralts (Psychic/Fairy)

Starting back in January 2018, we see that every Community Day alternates between a starter Pokemon and a Pokemon that is usually hatched from the 10km egg, evolves twice and has a Shiny that hasn’t been released yet. We also note that the 10km egg Pokemon don’t repeat when it comes to their types. Each type so far is unique. The months where we had starter Pokemon are highlighted in red, with blue denoting Pokemon who didn’t quite fit into the above. The remaining ones denote the months where the 10km egg Pokemon featured.

I highlighted Eevee and Swinub because they didn’t exactly fit into the category. Eevee used to be possible as a hatch from the 10km egg but at the time of its Community Day it was no longer part of it. It is also not a Pokemon that evolves twice; in that I mean it evolves into another Pokemon and that same Pokemon evolves into at least one more Pokemon. It was partly selected to promote the Pokemon games Lets Go Pikachu! and Lets Go Eevee! . It wasn’t a bad Community Day by any means for me, I caught enough Shiny Eevee to get the Shiny evolutions and since at the time Eevee had 5 Evolutions, that meant getting at least 5 Shiny Eevees. Swinub because it was never part of the 10km egg list at all but I think Niantic broke with tradition because Mamoswine would be a real hook for players if it was released as part of a event; since its the current best Ice type in the game.

Other than that, Niantic has mostly followed the template they’ve created for themselves. With that said, September and November ought to have the Generation 4 starters Turtwig and Chimchar as the featured Pokemon. August had Ralts so September logically should be a starter Pokemon and with the Generation 3 starter Pokemon done and dusted, it’s their Generation 4 counterparts who will be next in line. December 2019 will be interesting because I hope it is the Community Day Recap, so that I can get better Shiny Pokemon than the ones I’ve gotten. It’s also the opportunity for those who missed out on the previous events to take part and get the Shiny Pokemon they want. If it’s not the recap then it’ll be another non-starter Pokemon.

Speaking of that non-starter, that is most likely going to be the Pokemon which will feature in the October Community Day. I’ve narrowed it down to the the following Pokemon. These are Pokemon which appear to fit the theme or mostly fit the theme. I’ll explain why I think it’s possible or not possible. All images used below are from Bulbapedia, I do not own them.

  1. Porygon
  2. Shinx
  3. Gible
  4. Trapinch
  5. Rhyhorn



Shiny Porygon isn’t out yet, it has 2 evolutions and it’s also in the 10km egg even if its not a popular Pokemon. It’s a Pokemon which gained its second evolution in Generation 4. However Porygon’s evolutions all require items to activate and while Mamoswine’s evolution saw free Sinnoh Stones dispensed via Trainer battles, Ralts Day didn’t see any Stones given for trainers to evolve their Kirlia into Gallade. So if Niantic were to do this, it wouldn’t really get people coming out for the event, which is what they want you to do so you’ll hopefully spend money on the boxes they sell in the in-game shop. It would also be the second Normal type Pokemon featured after Slakoth so that rules out Porygon as a likely choice for October’s Community Day.



Its been around since Generation 3 was released and I thought they would give Trapinch its own Community Day for most of 2018 and a large part of 2019. Then it got taken out of the 10km egg pool and placed into the 5km egg pool. Which seems like Niantic are not going to place it in the Community Day if its been devalued like that but then we’ve had Pokemon like Swinub who were never in the 10km egg pool feature in Community Day.Plus we’ve already had a Ground type in Swinub. That doesn’t mean things can’t repeat at all. Trapinch has two evolutions which are Ground/Dragon types, which suggests an overlap with Bagon Day as well. On the other hand, it’s Shiny version isn’t out yet which suggests they’re saving it for Community Day or some big Ground type event. Is it possible? Yes but I’d say unlikely but do not be surprised if it does get picked.



An electric type Pokemon hasn’t been featured yet in this year’s Community Day events and Shinx appears to tick many of the boxes. It’s part of the 10km egg list, it has two evolutions, which is something it shares with the other Community Day Pokemon. However it’s also not available in the wild with the only way to get Shinx is to either hatch it from an egg or from a raid encounter. It’s Shiny version is also out so that really goes against the whole Community Day. I don’t see Niantic changing their policy on this, hence we can safely rule out Shinx.



This would be the dream Community Day for many and I’d love it if it were the October Community Day Pokemon. It’s definitely going to feature in a Community Day of its own, Garchomp is too popular to not get its own 3 hour event. Gible also fits the requirements,having a 2 stage evolution, part of the 10km egg list and its Shiny version isn’t out yet. However I think it might be a little too soon as its a Ground type like Swinub but if Niantic really want to release it, they’ll consider Swinub as an Ice type and then give us Gible. If not, then maybe December or February 2020.



This is probably a wildcard option for Niantic if they really want to hold Gible for another Community Day. Its a Ground/Rock type so they can focus on Rhyhorn being a Rock type and release Shiny Rhyhorn which isn’t out yet. It’s not a 10km egg Pokemon but that’s not an issue as we’ve seen with Swinub. Other than that, it has the necessary 2 stage evolutions and while you do need a Sinnoh Stone to evolve it into Rhyperior, Niantic could hand out Sinnoh Stones if they wanted to. If not, better save up for it.


If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Gible or Rhyhorn. I could be wrong, and I very likely might be but we don’t have a lot of Pokemon left to choose from for October’s Community Day. Gible is the more likely of the two because the conventional choices are so lacking, it’s the clear favourite due to its popularity. Even if Generation 5 comes out, they won’t be appearing in Community Days so quickly so the likely choices will come from Generation 1-4.

One thought on “Predicting The Remaining Community Day Pokemon For 2019

  1. Wow! Appreciate your effort; so doesn’t matter if not all your predictions come true. Thank you!


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