The Raid Queen: Slowbro


I am the type of person who would prefer to spend his raid passes on level 5 raids. I’m not level 40 yet so every experience point counts towards getting to level 40. I’m not a particularly efficient player when it comes to this but as a general rule I do level 5 raids for the 10,000 experience points and the item rewards such as rare candies or TMs dropped.

The exception would be if I do not have the Pokemon or its an EX raid Gym. For the latter I wouldn’t even mind doing level 1 raids. The chances of you getting an EX raid pass isn’t affected by the type of raid you do, so you don’t have to wait for a level 5 raid egg to spawn. The best part is that once you’re a decent level with a good enough roster, you can normally take on these low level raids all on your own. That means you do not have to rush down to the gym to catch the crowd and you can just stroll over any time while the raid is occuring.

Which is exactly what I did on one scorching weekday morning. I hadn’t gotten an EX raid pass for Deoxys Defence Forme yet so I decided to get the EX raid out of the way by doing a Slowbro raid. Normally I just need to do one raid at any EX Gym and that’s it; I’m guaranteed to get the pass.

The Slowbro wasn’t difficult, it was a level 2 raid boss so I can easily solo the whole raid easily. I think I used a Raikou to do it. I could have used Tyranitar, but I didn’t want to risk it fainting to a Water move so I went the Electric route. Catching it was easy, first ball catch so I didn’t waste too many golden razz berries. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I was obviously ecstatic to get a 100%.

Slowbro isn’t great in Pokemon Go but I think it’s a decent Gym defender if you’re looking to slow down your opponent’s Machamp. Plus with Metagross running around, it’s Water/Psychic also resists the Meteor Mash Metagross that’s easily one of the best Gym attackers available. It does have a Mega Evolution which is still really up in the air as to whether Niantic will implement them in the game. If it does, great because I think Mega Slowbro has the rights stats to be of use in Pokemon Go.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that somewhere in 2021 we’ll get Mega Evolutions to use. Because I’ll have a perfect Slowbro, Altaria, Charizard and others to Mega Evolve.


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