British Invasion: Alolan Golem


Personally I don’t like the 7km eggs you get from gifts. They take a long time to hatch without using one of the super incubators and often give the same old, unimpressive Pokemon like Alolan Meowth and Alolan Grimer. You could only hatch them so many times before regretting you even have one in your inventory.

The one great thing about these eggs is that you could get them from trainers all across the world. So I as a trainer in Singapore I could open gifts and get eggs from someone living in the UK. I knew a guy who plays Pokemon Go in the UK and we regularly exchanged gifts to increase our friendship level. I would then trade the hatched Pokemon with other friends in Singapore so we could get those long distance trade badges.

As a rule I only kept those with an IV of at least 91% but I didn’t have a lot of luck getting really good Pokeomon until the morning of 22nd August 2018. I’m normally happy if I don’t get Alolan Meowth and when you trade these long distance Pokemon you get a good amount of distance chalked up so its not a huge loss. When I got the Alolan Geodude, I wasn’t disappointed as I do like Geodude. When I found out it was 100% IV, I stopped being ambivalent and extremely chuffed my luck came through. 1 in 216 chance and I got the 1.

Naturally with a 100% IV Pokemon I had to evolve it. I couldn’t leave it there like a shiny trinket. This deserved to be fully evolved so I did just that. I made it an Alolan Golem and I changed its move to be the best possible Electric move set it could have. At the time I intended to use it as an Electric type because I didn’t have a lot of strong Electric types. I never got round to it because I usually sent Electric Pokemon to fight Water types and Alolan Golem’s Electric/Rock type would work against it. I didn’t need it as a Rock type attacker because I already had Tyranitar for that.

Hence now it actually sits there waiting for me to be done with powering up other Pokemon before I work my way down to it.



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