The “Unlucky” One: Jynx


After getting a perfect Dratini, Jynx was the third 100% and I was pretty pleased to get it. Ice types were always hard for me to find during the first year and a half of Pokemon Go. I don’t think I picked up one ice type until Christmas 2017. I think it was a Spheal although I can no longer remember exactly what it was. It could even have been a Swinub.

Either way, only Jynx provided my first 100% and it was for the type I had seen the least at that point. I had to spent TMs to get the Ice moveset over a mixed Ice and Fairy moveset which didn’t get the full benefit of STAB. Jynx would end up as part of my team when Rayquaza was a raid boss, featuring as one of the first Pokemon in the lineup. It didn’t last too long but Jynx was never known for its durabilty. In fact, for a long time it was the best, if not one of the best Ice attackers in terms of DPS. Ice was more known for its sturdy guys like Cloyster, Regice and Aritcuno. People you could count on to take a hit rather than hit hard.

Getting a perfect Jynx, the rare offensive oriented Ice type definitely made my day. Currently its sitting unused but that’s also due to the lack of legendary Pokemon with a double Ice weakness in recent times. Giratina was weak to Ice but Tyranitar is a much better attacker than Jynx. Looking into the future, maybe Shaymin could see me powering up Jynx to use it but it’ll probably end up as a special research reward instead of actually being a raid boss.

So no real reason to use it until perhaps Generation 6 or 7. Not that it makes Jynx awful or anything, Jynx is still a good Ice type.





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